Hello there! 



Farmer's Wife & Mama

I was born Julie Ashley, probably the most feminine name of all names. Problem is, I love being outside, and working hard, and most everything about the earth and the land that I'd do just about anything to get the right shot and get my hands dirty. Luckily, I married my college sweetheart, was made a farmers wife, and now I am blessed to be doing what I do as Julie Hall! 

I feel fully and love so hard. Coffee, lispstick of all colors and flowers are a few of my favorite things. My little family is everything to me. Farming and photos are what we do. You can usually find me singing loudly and dancing randomly. Iā€™m always up for an adventure or trying something new.  I've never met a stranger, and we all have something in common. Love is one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me, and my life is full of it. My job is to truly connect with you and capture yours. Natural light, positive energy and simple scenery are my jam. 

With over 10 years of experience photography has shaped who I am. I am an artist but beyond that I want to help you have a memory of happiness to keep forever. I want to make your experience simple and fun. You deserve to be seen just as you are.  I want to capture your love. Your passion. Your heart.